A cup of tea to rebuild

In July 2017, the south of France, and particularly the municipality of Bormes les Mimosas, experienced the most dead forest fire in hundred years. The Pomares family lost their home and everything they owned. 1 year later the family put on sale "the stigmas" of this trial. The Lorenzo Padilla Foundation supported this approach of art therapy by acquiring a piece of little Natan.


" A cup of tea ? "

This artwork was created by Natan POMARES, 9 years old. At the age of 8, the terrible fires that ravaged the South of France in 2017 will forever mark his life. The house in which he lived burned completely. His universe, his toys, his books, his material memories, his room went up in smoke. When he returned to the site of what once his home with his parents and his little sister, they found, like archaeologists, out of the ashes some remains of objects transformed by fire.

Her mother, art therapist and ceramist said, despite this desolation that even if it's sad, it can be beautiful and launched an exhibition project for 2018.

The purpose of this exhibition was to set up a space for family expression, free of participation. The constraint was to recycle, in each composition, at least one object having passed through the flames and to plastically enhance it. Natan played the game, picking up some elements that inspired him. Of his various productions, he chose to present 4 pieces, including "a cup of tea? ". A cast iron teapot, metal cups and cutlery glued to a wooden crate. This piece reminds him of the breakfast platters he liked to make for his parents sometimes.

The goal was to put in place the process of resilience necessary for reconstruction when suffering a trauma. The event could not be avoided, it remains only to accept and do the best with what has happened.